The annual RI Overview presentation to the Rome Reps is scheduled for Tuesday 20 Nov at the Griffiss Institute Auditorium.

TIME: 9:00- 12:00

This is the FY19 presentation, starting with the Directors RI Overview, with the follow-on briefing by each of the CTC Leads.

The purpose of the meeting is to inform company Reps/contractors the status of the Directorate, what research we are doing, and where we are going ( business opportunities). 

The meeting is aprox 3 hours, consisting of the Directors RI overview ( 30 min) and each of the CTC Leads presenting their current program with business opportunities for FY 2019 ( 30 min each). 

This will be limited to all registered DoD Contractors who have a valid cage code.

Coffee and donuts will be provided. 

More information will follow.

Any questions please email